This ski bench design is unique in that it has armrests (usually K2) and uses the whole ski.  The bench concists of sturdy 4"x4" construction, stained and sealed for protection from the elements.  The lapp-joints are securely bolted.  The seat and back pieces are bolted to the two frame pieces.  This makes for easy disassembly and relocation using any vehicle that has a roof rack.

Ski Benches


After a long day skiing, how best to end it with a cold brew - use one of these wall-mounted bottle openers on a ski to remind you of the fun you had.  Somes in two styles:  Tip or tail.  All models come with a Neodymium rare Earth magnet to catch the bottle caps; and are drilled with two mounting holes (drywall inserts & screws provided).

Bottle Openers


These pencil holders are crafted from the middle portion of the ski along with a vintage toe binding.  The deluxe model includes a ski tip as a backdrop. 

Pencil Holders


What better way to enjoy night skiing than to be carving with light up skis and poles.  The lights are powered by a 9V battery.  The lights are waterproof LEDs.  Although I have several sets of poles in different colors and lights, it is very easy to retrofit any poles with lights.  Read my posts at to find out how:

Light Up Poles - Version 1

Light Up Poles - Easy

Light Up Skis

Light Up Skis & Poles

Skis are a natural for using as a coat rack or for holding smaller items, like towels.  There are several hook designs that I stock.  Each design comes in a variety of colors (see below).  Please inquire current availability.  All coat or towel racks are pre-drilled with clearance holes for mounting screws (screw & drywall insert provided).

Coat / Towel Hooks




single hook

curvy hook

Many things can be built with old skis and poles - if an idea comes to you, let me know.  I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate old skis into everyday life.  Check out these photos of various items:  bird feeder, cell phone stand, outdoor thermometer, business card holder, shelf for your cooking range, tap handle, glove drier, and the list goes on.

Custom Items